CAD Middle East Pharmaceutical Industries LLC - Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Waleed has a degree in Doctor of Pharmacy from The UNC-CH, School of Pharmacy, Chapel Hill, USA

Also from University of Bradford, Bradford United Kingdom:-

  •   High Diploma in Research Methodology

  •   Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Pharmacy Practice

  •  Master of Philosophy in Clinical Oncology

  •   Master Degree in Clinical Pharmacy

With more than 30 years’ experience in Health Care Professional & Academia and Research as:-

  • Chairman of Board of Directors  & CEO of CAD Pharmaceutical.
  • Corporate Board Member of SPIMACO ADDWAEIH in Pharmaceutical
  • Pfizer Clinical Education Consultant Group.
  • Vice dean of collage medicine for  postgraduate & research in  Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University
  •  Associate Professor of in College of Medicine Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University.

Dr. Waleed has served in a variety for senior management position & active member of strategic planning task force of Spimaco and investment committee member Spimaco.

Dr. Waleed is an active member of American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Saudi Pharmaceutical Society, American Society of Health-System Pharmacist and European Society of Clinical Pharmacy.

Dr. Waleed is the Editor of Saudi National Formulary (SNF) version in a joint publication of the Saudi Food & Drug Authority and the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society.

Dr. Waleed is Co-founder in establishing several colleges of pharmacy, medicine & dentistry in the below Universities:-

-          Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University.

-          Majmah University Saudi Arabia.

-          Batterjee College for Medical Science & Technology Company.

-          Mohamed Al-Mana College of Health Sciences.

-          College of Medicine, Alfaisal University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

  • Member of the executive committee in Dammam pharma.
  • Founder & Head of the center for Medical & Biomedical Research in Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

Key Abilities:-

-          Multi-Function management.

-          Reducing the cost & overheads.

-          Team leaders

Strategic planning & organization structuring