CAD Middle East Pharmaceutical Industries LLC - Manufacturing Capablities
Designed to meet universal standards

Manufacturing Capablities

  • State-of-the-art multipurpose manufacturing facility having indiviual compartments design concept.
  • Chemical development laboratory to support technology transfer / development. Multi-purpose facility to manufacture APIs for all markets.
  • Designed to meet cGMP, USFDA, EDQM/ EMEA standards, advance automation system, HVAC with terminal HEPA filters for clean rooms in Class D, Separate booths for handling/dispensing of solids and solvents, purified water generation & loop.
  • Reactors from 400 to 8000 Lts of various MOC ... SS316L/ HASTEALLOY / GLASSLINED.
  • Utilities able to handle temperature gradient from -30oC to +160oC, controlled with Mono Fluid System.
  • Agitated Nutsch Filter Dryer and horizontal peeler centrifuge for product isolation.
  • Drying capbilities with ANFD and RVDs ( with high level of Automation).
  • Powder processing area to meet customer needs of various particle size.
  • An automated system for solid handling with uniflow product concept.

Photos of the factory