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  • CAD Middle East Company receives the media team for the magazine of Industry and Commerce

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  • The Local Content and Government Procurement Authority launches the "Additional Price Preference" initiative for 208 national products




 Workshops with Saudi ministries and authorities:  CAD arranged workshops with representatives of ministry of health, ministry of finance, ministry of investment, ministry of industry and mineral resources, ministry of energy, SFDA, Saudi customs and general authority of zakat and tax in the months of November-December, 2020 to discuss possible ways of support to APIs industry to achieve 2030 vision of localization  Sipchem team visit to cad CAD team had the pleasure to receive Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al-Mathami, Mr. Mater A. Al-Dhafeeri and Mr. Faisal Iskandarani representatives of Sipchem (Sahara International Petrochemical Company) on January 7th, 2021 to discuss technical support for the localization of industry of essential APIs


The most important achievements for the year 2020 AD CAD Middle East Pharmaceutical Industries

The general assembly of the Middle East CAD Company for Pharmaceutical Industries was held on 06/17/1441 AH corresponding to 11/02/2020 AD, in which it was decided:
1. The continuation of the company
2. Amending the number of members of the Board of Directors to three members
3. Selection of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Walid bin Muhammad Al-Shaqhaha
 Visit the delegation of the Korean company Hancock with the delegation of the General Investment Authority to the CAD company and discuss the joint business between the two companies.
 A German team visited the CAD company to open the horizons of cooperation between the two companies
 A trade delegation from India visits the CAD company and meets with the company's management to activate commercial operations with the company
 Visit the delegation of SABIC, headed by the vice president of SABIC, and meet with the company’s management and discuss ways to support joint action.
Meeting with the Industrial Development Fund and agreeing to activate common issues between the company and the Industrial Development Fund
The company manufactured the substance (Azithromycin) and supplied it to national factories as part of efforts to combat the Corona pandemic.